Emotional Stress

Emotional stress plays a large role in our health. In these modern times most of us have busy stressful lives. Some of us have very busy lives and, in addition, have emotional issues such as hurt, depression, unforgiveness, etc. that adds an additional stress burden. Living in this state for long periods of time, many of us for years, drives the body to run in sympathetic dominance (the flight-or-flight response of our autonomic nervous system). Living in sympathetic dominance is very taxing on the body and it requires additional minerals to maintain this state, resulting in mineral deficiency. Being mineral deficient causes a multitude of issues such as digestive problems, fatigue, chronic degenerative disease, artery plaquing, and decreased immune function. Have you ever heard of the phrase “Stress Kills"? This the mechanism.

CEDSA can detect if stress is effecting your health. We will recommend remedies to help balance out your emotions. We will also recommend products to aid in replenishing the body's needed mineral stores.


*See Circulation for additional information.